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“Just The Facts Ma’am … Just The Facts”

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Columbia, CA — Three to four hundred Explorer Scouts from throughout California will descend upon Columbia College Saturday competing in the “Mother Lode Gold Explorer Challenge 2010.”

They will be in town for a day of learning and competing in a law enforcement career arena. From a learning perspective representatives from the Sonora Police Department, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the DEA and the Highway Patrol will be on hand.

When it comes to the statewide competition the scouts will be involved in mock arrest situations (night stick/pepper spray), agility drills, crime scene investigation, bomb threats, burglary in process, traffic accidents, first aid, domestic violence incidents and bicycle competition. There will also be a written test.

Coordinating the S.P.D. Explorers program is Sgt. Glenn Roberts and Dispatcher Gail Bingham Smith.

The program was initiated in 1994. Approximately 10-12 program graduates are now employed full time in the law enforcement arena. 

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