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Commission Reaches Unanimous Decision

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Sonora, CA — A unanimous decision was reached by the Tuolumne County Planning Commission Wednesday evening.

That vote concerned the proposed 612 acre, 306 lot Sierra Pacific Industries Peaceful Oaks residential sub-division in Standard between Tuolumne Rd. and Hwy 108.

The Commission added two conditions; the design criteria must be established before the first final map is approved and before building permits are issued county staff must approve the exterior of each residence to make sure they are consistent with the Commission’s established criteria.

According to Mike Laird, the Deputy Director of Planning for the Community Development Department, the meeting was the only one he can remember where proponents of the project outnumbered opponents for such a major project. In fact he added that proponents probably outnumbered opponents by a 10-1 margin.

A major reason; a large majority felt that S.P.I. had done everything possible to mitigate all concerns regarding the project. Laird added that he has been extremely impressed with S.P.I. personnel throughout the planning stage. Laird stated that S.P.I. did a wonderful job of reaching out to all the community groups involved.

The Commission’s recommendation will go before the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, March 16 at 1:30pm.

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