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Berryhill Urges Support For Brown’s Plan

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Sacramento, CA — District 14 Republican Senator Tom Berryhill is calling on lawmakers to back Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to reform the public employee pension system.

A contentious issue in the plan is to increase the retirement age to 67. Future employees would also enter into a hybrid 401K type program, and not have a defined guaranteed benefit.

“This proposal is certainly a step in the right direction, and it is imperative that this issue be dealt with in a special session before the end of the year,” says Berryhill. “This isn’t something that is just a ‘Johnny come lately plan’, this is something that has been well thought out, well vented throughout the system. The proposals that the Governor has put forward is a long term fix that needs to be done.”

Berryhill made the comments at a press conference with other Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Bob Dutton.