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Myers Discusses The C.H.P.

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California Highway Patrol Officer Becky Meyers was Thursday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

Now that November is here, Myers reminded everyone that studded tires are now legal.

Myers also reminded those with Thanksgiving holiday travel plans, that a “maximum enforcement” period will take place from Wednesday Nov 23rd through Sunday Nov 27th. This means that officers will be out in force, looking for minor and major traffic violations.

Additionally, the C.H.P. will be helping with traffic control, during the Sonora Christmas Parade, on Friday November 25th.

Unfortunately with a recent motorcycle death in Valley Springs, Myers said that inattention from both vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders have led to an unusually high amount of motorcycle accidents in both Tuolumne and Calaveras counties.

One notable trend is the increasing amount of bicyclists throughout California. This is thought to be a result of the economy as of late.

Myers said that although it is perfectly legal for a bicyclist to talk on a hand held cell phone, the same bicyclist could be cited for reckless riding. The cell phone law itself only applies to “motorized vehicles”.

The CHP also reminds bike peddlers that it is illegal to ride a bike while intoxicated. This is called a BUI- Bicycling Under The Influence, and if caught that rider will be arrested and taken to jail. The arrest goes on a person’s driving record for three years.

The “Newsmaker of the Day” is heard each weekday morning on AM 1450 KVML at 6:47, 7:47 and 8:47am.

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