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CHP Highway 26 Investigation

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San Andreas, CA– The San Andreas CHP office is investigating several incidents that have occurred on Highway 26 between Ospital Road and Jenny Lind Road in the past six months.

"Someone’s been putting rocks and tree limbs completely across the road," said CHP Officer Rebecca Myers. "It’s been making it very dangerous and we’ve had a few minor injury accidents."

Myers says all of the incidents have occurred around midnight or after, and the debris has been placed in a manner which makes it difficult for approaching drivers to see and avoid.

The most recent incident occurred on Friday, October 9th at approximately 2:30 am. A San Andreas CHP Officer came across large tree limbs and debris on Highway 26 at Warren Road, scattered about 40 feet across both lanes. Myers says the placement of the debris was deliberate and most likely brought in by a vehicle.

On Tuesday, June 14th, at around midnight, CHP units responded to an injury accident on Highway 26 at Burson Road. Officers discovered someone had deliberately placed various sized rocks in a straight line across both traffic lanes in a curve. This resulted in two people being injured. Myers says the boulders and rocks were not those commonly found in the area and were probably brought in from another location.

"If anyone’s heard anything or knows anything about these cases, please give the San Andreas CHP office a call at 754-3541," said Myers. "We’d really like to catch the individual or individuals that are doing this before we have a serious accident."

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