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Supervisors Oppose Fire Fee

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Supervisors have voted to send a letter to the state in opposition to a new $150 fire fee placed on rural homeowners.

It only applies to rural areas, as incorporated areas like Sonora are not subject to the fee. The letter states, “A gross inequity exists by solely charging the SRA fee to rural residents. Urban residents and residents of incorporated cities in rural areas receive the benefits of CAL Fire, but would not pay the SRA fee. Imposing this fee solely on the rural residents is not fair or practical.”

The fee is expected to be challenged in court because it was not passed by a super majority, which many believe should have been required under voter approved Proposition 26. The fee was approved in the new state budget signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Counties and groups have until August 8 to send a letter of appeal to the state.