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Gunfire Reported In Mokelumne Hill

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Mokelumne Hill, CA– Calaveras County authorities issued three citations this week in Mokelumne Hill. One citation included assault with a firearm.

The Sheriff’s Office says it received a call Thursday morning at around 9:30 am from two people stating that shots had been fired at them at a residence on Jesus Maria Road. Pioneer residents Kevin Kearns, 25, and Clare Stewart, 58, said that they had gone to the property to retrieve Stewart’s belongings.

Stewart said she had moved off the property six months ago and tried to talk to the owner, 74-year-old William Richardson.

Richardson says he asked both Stewart and Kearns to leave the property several times but they refused to do so. Richardson also said he was in fear for his safety and property.

It is alleged that Richardson shot two rounds from a shotgun near the vehicle that Kevin Kearns had been driving. Immediately following the incident, Kearns and Stewart contacted the Sheriff’s Department.

Both Stewart and Kearns were issued citations for burglary and trespassing. Richardson of Mokelumne Hill was issued a citation for assault with a firearm.

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