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Denham Co-Sponsors Three New Bills

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Washington, D.C — Congressman Jeff Denham says gas prices are hindering tourism, farming and families in California’s 19th District.

Denham, a member of the Natural Resources Committee and the House Energy Action Team, has voted to expand American energy production, create jobs and lower gas prices.

Representative Denham co-sponsored three bills, HR 1229, 1230 and 1231 that passed through the House this week furthering an effort by House Republicans to reduce U.S dependence on foreign oil.

“If you are frustrated about paying higher gas prices, wait until you start paying higher grocery prices because in California’s great Ag economy the prices are going up,” said Denham.  “You think this bill won’t do something for gas prices? It’s common sense to know that if we’ve got a greater supply here in our great nation, gas prices are going to go down; we want American jobs. We want to be self-reliant.”

Denham’s Congressional District 19 covers Tuolumne County.