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It’s Black Friday!

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Sonora, CA – The shoppers are out! There was line of people outside of Kohl’s in Sonora waiting for the doors to open at midnight Thanksgiving night. Also the bargains brought out plenty of early bird consumers to Walmart. Its parking lot was jam packed last night.

Nationally, the top sellers are expected to be flat screen TVs, iPads and the Wii2. The popular toys on kids Christmas lists include Master Moves Mickey, Furby, and Angry Birds Star Wars Fighter Pods Attack. Also, some of the traditional holiday hot sellers are Lego building blocks, Barbie and Elmo.

A reminder tomorrow is the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce’s Shop Local Saturday urging you to support local merchants this holiday season.

Next up is Cyber Monday when shoppers will find deals on items by buying online.

Also, a special thanks to Isaac Knight for the photos of shoppers waiting in line at Sonora stores.

  • Black Friday In Sonora
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