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Dude…New Skateboarding Investigation

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Groveland, CA — There has been another report of skateboarding down Old Priest Grade in order to shoot a video.

At today’s Tuolumne County Supervisors meeting, Duke York of the Community Resources Agency told the Board that it happened yesterday afternoon between 2:30 and three o’clock. The group reportedly blocked off the roadway for a short period.

York has forwarded this information to the CHP, as well as a partial license plate number and vehicle description. It was noted that the individuals were reportedly in the mid-30’s age range. York pointed out that the county has an ordinance in place outlawing “coasting devices” on roads like Old Priest Grade.

Lt. Scott Clamp of the Sonora Area CHP Office says his office is investigating the new report and asks anyone with information to contact his office at 209-984-3944. He says it is a very dangerous stunt.

The issue gained attention recently after a video was posted on a website showing an unidentified man skateboarding down the grade. You can view it by clicking here.

An earlier story on regarding the issue drew 63 comments. Many argued that this is a serious traffic offense, placing other vehicles in danger. Meanwhile, a smaller group contended that it is just someone having fun. Regardless, county officials say it is illegal under local ordinances.

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