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U.S. Debt Makes History

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Washington – The National Debt went over $16 trillion this Tuesday. U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) says America needs to live within its means.

Denham says “After four years of trillion dollar deficits, and with our country’s national debt now exceeding $16 trillion, Americans need now more than ever Washington to start living within its means instead of borrowing trillions of dollars off the backs of future generations. We need to come together and enact serious, common-sense reforms, because until such time, our debt will only continue to paralyze our economy and jeopardize the future prosperity of our nation.” He adds “We need pro-growth tax reform, we need to return certainty to Americans and job creators alike, and we need to strengthen and secure Medicare and other critical entitlement programs. Now is the time for accountability in Washington.”

Denham says this is the first time in history the debt has gone over $16 trillion.

  • Congressman Jeff Denham