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TUD Phase III Conservation

The Tuolumne Utilities District is implementing Phase III Mandatory Water Conservation Measures for the first time in order to comply with a state mandates and receive adequate water supply from PG&E who manages Pinecrest.

Phase III water conservation makes all Phase II voluntary measures mandatory. The restrictions are in effect until September 5.

According to TUD General Manager Pete Kampa, “We aren’t looking for our customers to cut back a certain percentage more.” As of July customers have reduced water consumption by 20%. A goal was set in January to lower it by 10%. Kampa noted, “You can still wash your car.”

Phase III prohibits the washing of sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and other hard-surfaced areas by commercial or private use with TUD water.

Use of water in decorative fountains, pools, recreational ponds and the like shall be limited to the minimum necessary to preserve aquatic life if present. Excessive water usage will result in water being shut off if plumbing system leaks remain un-repaired for fourteen calendar days after written notification by the District or if more than 200% of the prior year’s water for that month is used.

Outside water usage between noon and 7pm is restricted.

TUD says, “Those accounts with a property address ending in an even number shall confine their outside usage to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; those with an odd number may water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. There shall be no restriction on Monday other than between noon and 7pm. Information on the restrictions is on their website here and will be sent out in a flyer.

PG&E is required by a state mandate to keep Pinecrest Lake at 5,608 feet but will lower it two feet to 5,606. The full story, “State Okays Pinecrest Level Reduction” is here. The story on the reasons for Phase II voluntary water conservation measures is here.