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Marijuana Collective Court Updates

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Sonora, CA – The four former workers at Today’s Health Collective appeared in court recently.
All four were each held to answer for all the charges, except Danny Herrin. Jana Evans, Nancy Smith, Sara Herrin, and Danny Herrin appeared in court on Friday. They have plead not guilty to charges that they illegally sold, possessed and/or transported marijuana.

According to the District Attorney’s office they were each held to answer for all the charges, Danny Herrin was not held to answer for one of his charges.

An arraignment date was set for April 9th. At the arraignment they will decide if they wish to plea to the federal charges. They can ask for an attorney, all four have had different attorneys so far. Arraignment trials continue until a plea is entered. If they plea not guilty then another preliminary hearing will be held to define the evidence, and determine if there is enough for the felony arraignment court proceeding.

Meanwhile, the workers from the former Foothill Care Inc. on Mono Way Jason Brisco and Rhett Schuller were in court today for sentencing but requested a delay pending Schuller’s knee surgery. Their court date is now April 16th.

Brisco and Schuller accepted a plea agreement at their preliminary hearing. In the agreement Brisco and Schuller to kept their right to appeal and the charges against James Brisco and Renee Lyn Rivera were dropped. Jason confirmed that they will appeal once the sentencing trial has concluded.

Also raided on the same day as the other collectives, was Sarah Marie Jacobs of Alternative Natural Solutions in Chinese Camp. Jacobs plead guilty to felony sales, transportation, and possession of Marijuana on February 27th. Her sentencing date is set for April 2nd.