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Retherford Resigns From TUD Board

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Sonora, CA — Dr. Ralph Retherford resigned his position on the Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) board yesterday. Dr. Retherford has been on the board since 2004. He is a vocal opponent of a proposed rate increase.

Retherford’s resignation Statement in full:

Despite my best efforts to rein in spending at TUD in order to minimize rate increases, I have received no support from other TUD directors. Other than myself, no board member has offered a single suggestion for cost-cutting, and none have voiced approval or support for any of my proposals. With this lack of board support for my ideas I have concluded that it is fruitless to continue in my role as director, and therefore tender my resignation effective immediately.

The resignation letter was provided by District Secretary Casey Prunchak.

Prunchak says the board will likely follow the same procedure to fill the vacancy as they did when Joseph Day resigned. First a notice of the vacancy and a call for applications is advertised. Twelve applications were submitted for consideration for Day’s position. Each candidate was allowed up to 10 minutes to speak before the Board voted. Ron Ringen of Sonora was chosen by the board on January 5th. Ringen had support of three board members, Dr. Retherford supported Michael Sarno.

Ringen and the currently vacant seat will be up for election this coming November.