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Angels Camp Postpones Economic Development Decision

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Angels Camp, CA — The Angels Camp City Council voted to postpone creating an Economic Development Program for two weeks. The Destination Angels Camp committee, created in 2008, is asking to become Angels Camp’s non profit economic development corporation.

According to Destination Angels Camp board chair, Anne Forrest, of the four council members in attendance, (one was absent) one felt he had not had sufficient time to review the documents, and the mayor was concerned about liability issues.

Forrest says they want to hear from the lawyer and city administrator that the city assumes no liability if city council members sit on the Corporation’s board and executive committee. According to the corporation’s bi-laws; at least one city council member or the Mayor, the City Administrator, and the city Planning Director, are required to be on the board and executive committee.

Forrest says that as a registered non profit public private partnership, the corporation is a separate legal entity and it will bear its own liability. She says she understands that they need time because this is new, but is optimistic that the council will approve everything on March 20th.

The next step after approval will be to submit a five to seven year plan by the end of April. Projects could include; sidewalk improvements, more crosswalks, and signage, as detailed in a branding development and marketing action plan done in 2008 as well as developing a program to recruit and retain businesses in downtown Angels Camp.

The Destination Angels Camp group has developed and branded Angels Camp as the “Base Camp of the Sierra” for outdoor recreational activities.

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