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Old Scam Trying To Target New Victims

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Sonora, CA – This scam has been around for years, but victims keep falling for it and that is why the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office are putting out this alert.

Noting that just today dispatch has answered about four calls related to con artists fishing for personal information, Sgt. Andrea Benson warns the cheaters are using an old ruse. It involves scaring the person into believing that a warrant has been issued for their arrest unless they pay up. What is shocking, according to Sgt. Benson, is that the phone number coming up on call ID is actually the sheriff’s dispatch, making it look authentic. In reality, the scammers are calling from a completely different number.

Sgt. Benson praised those who reported the fraud for not taking the bait and instead – hanging up. She also stresses that warrants are sent out by mail with official signatures from a judge and do not include specific information. “You will not be called by our office regarding a warrant,” ensures Sgt. Benson.

As reports earlier this week, due to it being tax time the bilkers are up to their old tricks regarding social security and IRS scams. Click here for those details and tips to avoid falling victim to scammers.

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