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Spending Sonora High’s Bond Money

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Sonora, CA — Preliminary plans were shown to the Board of Trustees Tuesday regarding spending the Sonora High School’s $23 Million dollar bond measure money. The plans focused on six projects; a new aquatic center, all-weather track and field and stadium, repairs to the cafeteria, Humanities building and Centennial Hall.

Sonora High School Superintendent Mike McCoy says these projects were picked by the public, “These projects were identified by a Stake Holders Groups made up of community members before they even went for the bond measure.”

McCoy says he was surprised the group’s top priority was repairs to the 1970’s Humanities Building saying, “I thought the public would focus on an athletic facility first.”

McCoy says they are in the design and engineering phase right now. He says the first bids will go out in the spring of 2014. McCoy says the work will be completed in three phases. Phase one will be the all-weather track and field and cafeteria. He says they’re “shovel ready” because design work was already done. The second phase will focus on the aquatic center and an overhaul to the Humanities Building.

McCoy says, “While were in those buildings we will do significant work to infrastructure as well. That work will include electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, windows, doors and bring things up to standard with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

The third phase will be repairs to Centennial Hall. McCoy says they plan on issuing two or three bonds to complete the work. He says they hope to have all the projects done in three to five years.

McCoy says in about a week the Oversight Committee which is in charge of tracking the bond money spending will meet to go over the plans and funding figures.

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