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Columbia 163rd Birthday

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Columbia, CA — The town of Columbia celebrates its 163rd birthday today. It is the anniversary of gold found in the area on March 27th 1850.

15 year volunteer docent Larry Baumgardner gave a speech in front of the museum to kick off the celebration. He mentioned how many times the town has been damaged and buildings destroyed by fire. The most recent fire damage to Columbia House Restaurant provided a backdrop and painful reminder, but “We will rise from the ashes!” Baumgardner said to cheers from the audience.

Cake and punch was available for visitors and additional buildings are open and staffed by costumed volunteers.

It was noted that within a month of discovering gold, more than 4000 people flocked to the Columbia area. Two years later, the town boasted more than 150 businesses from laundries to general stores to saloons. The town is now a California State Park with several concessionaires running shops and stores for the public to experience a real life gold mining town. Free event, free parking, town open from 10-5 daily.

  • Docent Volunteers gather for Columbia's 163rd Birthday Celebration