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State Math Changes = Local Control

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Sacramento, CA — California has adopted math standard modifications that will give more local control over the subject. The State Board of Education voted to move Algebra from being an 8th grade class to a 9th grade required class to graduate High School. However, it up to local districts as to whether they will offer Algebra as and accelerated class for middle grade students.

Tuolumne County Deputy Superintendent Margie Bulkin says, “There are those students who should have access to accelerated courses and it’s nice to see that this modification allows for that.”

THe math modifications are part of the states effort to implement the Common Core State Standards which was adopted in June of 2012.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson says, “The Common Core and common sense calls for a students’ progress in mathematics to be based on their readiness to advance-not a timeline or a mandate from Sacramento.” He adds, “Making this change now will help our schools make the transition to Common Core, and marks another step in our push to provide students the practical, real-world skills they need.”

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