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Mother Lode Officials: Time To Batten Down The Storm Hatches

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Sonora, CA – With more rains, flooding and low-elevation snow forecast imminent, Mother Lode OES officials are warning folks to be ready.

Tuolumne County OES Coordinator Liz Peterson shares with Clarke Broadcasting, “The biggest concerns are for the public to reduce or…eliminate any unnecessary travel during the storm period, and that they have emergency supplies on hand – prescription medications, food, water, flashlights — those kinds of things, in case the power goes out.”

In the event of weather-related emergency or power outages, she adds, “Have an alternative heat source that is not electric…and make sure that if there are any vulnerable neighbors or folks with some special needs, take time to check on them.”

Available Flood Control Resources

In Tuolumne County, sand is available at the following five locations 24/7 but that residents must bring their own sandbags and a shovel, as usual…

— Columbia Airport, 10723 Airport Rd.
— Tuolumne Road Yard, 18870 Birch St.
— Tuolumne City Fire Department, 18690 Main St.
— Jamestown Road Yard, 18188 7th Ave.
— Big Oak Flat/Groveland Road Yard, 11240 Wards Ferry Rd.

The City of Angels Camp Police Department has free sand and bags available for filling and some shovels available 24/7 at its office, located at 200 Monte Verda St.

At last report, Calaveras County had supplies of sand bags and sand at nine locations, listed below. Note that some locations are not open to the public 24/7. Residents are asked to limit the number of sand bags to ten and bring your own shovel…

— Arnold Maintenance Yard, 1119 Linebaugh Rd. (Closes at 3:30pm)
— Glencoe Maintenance Yard, 16151 Hwy 26 (Closes at 3:30pm)
— Jenny Lind Yard 11558 Milton Rd. (Closes at 3:30pm)
— San Andreas Rd Yard, 891 Mt Ranch Rd. (Closes at 3:30pm)
— Mountain Ranch Community Center (in the parking lot next to the Public Safety Substation), 7869 Whiskey Slide Rd.
— Murphys Fire Station, 37 Jones St.
— Vista Del Lago Cul-de-sac near Valley Springs Dental, 313 Vista Del Lago
— Mangili Rd. Cul-de-sac at Valley Springs Sports and Fitness, 145 Mangili Rd.
— Copperopolis Fire Department, 370 Main St.

Public Works Director Joshua Pack notes while these locations have not been restocked since the last storm since the county is in a “wait and see” mode, residual supplies may well be available for public use at the various sites. Those with any questions may call Calaveras County Public Works at 209 754-6401.

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