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Valley Springs Utility Fined By State

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Valley Springs, CA — California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recently leveled a stiff fine against a Valley Springs utility for violations.

The CPUC handed down a $50,000 citation to Alpine Natural Gas (ANG) for violation of leak survey interval requirements.  The state and federal code require that leak checks be done outside of business districts, meaning in residential areas, as frequently as necessary, but at least once every five calendar years at intervals not exceeding 63 months. CPUC spokesperson Christopher Chow relayed, “During a scheduled inspection in 2017, our Safety and Enforcement Division (SED) reviewed leak survey records and found 88 instances where plat maps in ANG’s residential areas were surveyed at intervals greater than required by state and federal code.”

In breaking down the findings, the SED found 13 instances where the survey interval was at least three years past what was allowed; 29 instances with at least two years and an additional 28 instances where the survey interval was at least 1 year past due.

The entire citation can be found by clicking here.

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