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Roundabout Planned Near Chicken Ranch Rancheria

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Jamestown, CA — The Chicken Ranch Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians is working on a project to improve traffic flow to and from its Rancheria on Highway 108/49.

The Tuolumne County Transportation Council will hear an update from representatives of the tribe during its meeting this Wednesday at 3pm. The tribe is developing improvements to the existing Highway 108/49 and Mackey Ranch Road intersection by planning to replace it with a modern, yield controlled, 4-legged roundabout. It would be designed to meet forecasted future traffic flows.

Wednesday will be a chance for TCTC to receive the latest update and ask any questions. Caltrans is also actively working with the tribe on the project. A Mitigated Negative Declaration environmental review is expected to be completed as part of the CEQA process.

Other aspects of the project include vehicular access on the northerly and southerly sides of Highway 108/49 and along the easterly and westerly sides of Mackey Ranch Road/Sierra Rock Road. An 8 ft. shared use path will be separated from the roadway with a 5 ft. minimum landscaped buffer area. Crosswalks and ADA accessible ramps would be provided along pedestrian facilities on all 4-legs of the intersection. Crosswalks would be spilt into two separate crossings through the provision of the pedestrian refuges at the splitter islands. The two stage crossing would reduce the amount of sustained time a pedestrian is in potential conflict with motorized vehicles by limiting the length of each crossing and limiting it to one direction of vehicle travel at a time.

Highway 108/49 and Mackey Ranch Road Roundabout
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  • Highway 108/49 and Mackey Ranch Road Roundabout