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Update: Vegetation Fire In Calaveras County Contained

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Update at 5:45 p.m.:  CAL Fire spokesperson Emily Kilgore reports that the Pine Fire burning north of Arnold has been contained at two acres. Fire investigators are still trying to determine what sparked the blaze. Further details on the fire can be viewed below.

Update at 4:30 p.m.: The Pine Fire burning north of Arnold in the O’Neal Creek drainage remains two acres in size. Ground crews are working in rough terrain, according to CAL Fire spokesperson Emily Kilgore, who explains, “It’s not that accessible. There is not a whole lot of road access in the area and it is kind of a steep drainage, but they are attacking the fire from the ground.”

Kilgore adds that all aircraft has been called off the scene explaining, “They haven’t called the forward rate of spread stopped but they are feeling comfortable that the aircraft could be released due to the amount of ground resources in the area.” Additional details on the blaze can be viewed below.

Update at 4 p.m.: The Pines Fire is now two acres in size and aircraft are making good progress on reining in the flames. Ground crews are still working their way into where the flames broke out along 7N08 and 5N52 in the O’Neal Creek drainage near White Pines Lake. CAL Fire also reports it is in a very hard to reach area and that no structures are threatened at this time.

Update at 3:30 p.m.: CAL Fire report the dubbed “Pines Fire” has grown from a half acre to one acre in size and more resources have been called to the scene. Further details on the blaze are below.

Original post at 3:15 p.m.: Arnold, CA — Air and ground resources are heading to a vegetation fire in the Arnold area of Calaveras County.

CAL Fire reports that the flames broke out along 7N08 and 5N52 near White Pines Lake. The fire is a half acre in size, according to CAL Fire. There is no word as to whether any structures are threatened or the flame’s rate of spread. We will bring you  more information as soon as it comes into the news center.

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