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Vehicle Sparks ‘Bond Fire’ Near Lake Don Pedro

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Tuolumne County, CA – What was initially reported as two vegetation fires that made up the “Bond Fire,” as reported by CAL Fire Tuesday afternoon, has been updated to three blazes with a vehicle sparking the fires.

As reported here yesterday, air and ground resources battled the blazes along J-59/La Grange Road beginning just before 4 p.m., in the area about a half mile west of Bonds Flat Road and near the House Boat Mini Mart & Café. CAL Fire spokesperson Emily Kilgore details, “Investigators found that a vehicle possibly started the fire by metal piece that came off the vehicle. It is believed that that same vehicle started all three fires in the Bonds Flat area.”

The three fires totaled nearly four acres and each was about a half-mile apart from the other. Kilgore reminds motorists to make sure they check their vehicle before heading out onto the roadways to make sure that no chains or other metal objects are dangling or could drag along the ground and create sparks that might ignite wildfires.

  • Bond Fire on J-59/La Grange Road