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Unusual Rescue Made After Crash On Highway 49

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Chinese Camp, CA – The CHP has released new details regarding the two-vehicle crash on Highway 49 near the Montezuma Junction on Tuesday evening where something went fowl while officers were directing traffic around the wreckage.

CHP Officer Joelle McChesney details that a Toyota Prius, driven by 72-year-old Laurie Perry from Vallecito, was being followed by a Toyota MR2, driven by 34-year-old Bobby Richard of Jamestown, when the two vehicles collided. She relays that both were southbound on Highway 49 after turning at the Montezuma Junction intersection when Perry went to turn left into a drive way, but Richard’s had already began to pass her vehicle. Perry’s vehicle smashed into the right side of Richard’s car. Perry suffered moderate injuries while Richard was not hurt.

Traffic was stalled for a while as tow crews removed the wreckage and that is when an unexpected rescue took place. McChesney details, “While we [another officer] were standing by one of the damaged vehicles, I could hear a little chirping noise. I looked down and around our feet was a little bird wandering around chirping. Then as I reached down to try to move it away from the damaged vehicle, it went under the vehicle.” Fearing for the little guy’s safety, McChesney tried to catch it but instead she shares, “At that point, I guess it thought we were its parents and it just kept following us around and then it started heading back towards the roadway.”

McChesney shares she plucked it from the ground and took it back to the stations where a Mother Lode Wildlife Care volunteer picked up the chick.

  • Officer Joelle McChesney with the baby bird in her palm
  • Officer Joelle McChesney with the baby bird in her palm