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McClintock Shuns Earmark Legislation

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Washington, DC — Congressman Tom McClintock says Congress is considering a return to earmarks which he says violates government’s separation of powers by spending the money it has just appropriated.

The reasons he sees earmarks as a bad idea is the focus of McClintock’s latest blog. He says, “This monumentally bad idea rests on two arguments. The first is that elected Members of Congress, and not unelected bureaucrats, should spend the people’s money. …The second argument is that earmarks can “grease” legislation by buying off the votes of individual members whose judgment would otherwise oppose a measure.”

McClintock outlines three counterpoints and what he calls “the corrupting nature of earmarks” in his blog which you can read by clicking here. McClintock, a Republican, represents District Four, which spreads across the Sierra Nevada region.

  • Tom McClintock