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Remaining Campers Under Rawhide Road Bridge Ordered To Leave

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Jamestown, CA — Cleanup is now getting underway at a homeless encampment underneath the Rawhide Road Bridge in Jamestown.

Earlier this week the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with Code Compliance, posted a 72-hour notice to vacate the area along that area of Woods Creek.

The Sheriff’s Office reports, “The area surrounding Woods Creek is littered with debris and trash due to the unlawful encampment, requiring extensive clean-up and vegetation management.  These enforcement efforts were in response to numerous complaints stemming from the encampment’s adverse impacts affecting quality of life and business in the area.”

Many of the campers left after the notice was posted, and the remaining people there were ordered to leave on Thursday by sheriff’s deputies.

The Sheriff’s Office adds, “This process has been a team effort, which included partnering with allied agencies to ensure people living in the encampment are educated on the law and provided all appropriate resources. We want to thank Tuolumne County Code Compliance, Tuolumne County Animal Control and Tuolumne County Health and Human Services for their support in this collaborative effort.”

  • Rawhide Road Cleanup
  • Rawhide Road Cleanup