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Ammunition And Pepper Spray Result in Arrest Of Jamestown Woman

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Jamestown, CA —  A Jamestown woman was handcuffed after she was found with ammunition and pepper spray, items she is not allowed to have due to earlier arrests.

While Tuolumne County Deputies were recently patrolling in the Jamestown area, they spotted 46-year-old Angela Michelle Means walking along Jamestown Road. Deputies ran a records check on her, revealing  Means had a felony warrant for her arrest related to drugs.

Means was taken into custody for the arrest warrant, which allowed for a search of her person. During the pat-down, deputies found live ammunition and pepper spray. Deputies then ran a criminal history check, which confirmed that she was prohibited from possessing either item.

Means faces a felony charge for being a prohibited person in possession of ammunition and a misdemeanor charge of unlawful possession of a tear gas weapon.


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