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Fire Departments Implement “True Closest Resource” Response Plan

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Sonora, CA– Tuolumne County Fire/CAL FIRE, Twain Harte Fire Department, and Tuolumne Rancheria Fire Department have announced the implementation of a “True Closest Resource” response plan under the Tuolumne County Automatic Aid Agreement. According to the agreement, the nearest emergency resource, regardless of agency, will respond to any incident they are closest to. This initiative aims to enhance readiness, response, and resilience against escalating fire threats and other emergencies in Tuolumne County.

By consolidating efforts and leveraging collective resources, the agencies seek to mitigate risks and safeguard lives and property more effectively. Key aspects of the closest resource response plan include a unified response strategy, resource optimization through the sharing of equipment, personnel, and expertise, as well as regular training exercises and drills to ensure readiness for various scenarios.

Continuous evaluation and improvement provisions enable agile responses to emerging challenges. Commenting on the collaborative decision for true closest resource dispatching, Tuolumne County Fire Chief Nick Casci expressed commitment to protecting the community from fires through close collaboration. Twain Harte Fire Department Chief Neil Gamez highlighted the significance of the agreement in addressing staffing challenges effectively. Tuolumne Rancheria Fire Department Chief Louie Millis emphasized the importance of unity in emergency response.