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Angels Camp Council Closing In On Urgency Marijuana Ordinance Adoption

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Angels Camp, CA – Scuttled plans from last week for Angels Camp City Council to enact an urgency ordinance establishing local marijuana rules are back on track for Monday night.

Dozens more people turning out at last Monday’s regular meeting in the Angels Camp Fire House meeting room forced a rescheduling. This Monday, the special session will be taking place in the Bret Harte High School Theater, where beginning at 6 o’clock council members will hear public comments and comb through the latest draft.

The currently proposed draft provides strict personal cultivation rules and does not allow for commercial grows. While it does not allow for any dispensaries or retail sales, it currently leaves open the possibility of industry business within city limits.

These include commercial distribution of medical cannabis between legal entities and testing services, contingent on meeting conditional use permit requirements. It also contains provisions allowing for state-licensed out-of-area deliverers of medical marijuana within city limits between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. as long as they register with the Angels Camp Police Department.

Speaking with Clarke Broadcasting, City Administrator Mary Kelly says she believes at this point that all the council members appear to be open to discussing potential business opportunities with all sides. She adds that the council’s endeavor is to shortly enact an urgency ordinance compliant with state laws before the end of the year that also makes sense for the city and its residents, given local conditions such as the physical constraints of the jurisdiction. To view the proposed draft, click here.