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Governor Newsom Celebrates Passage Of Proposition 1

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Sacramento, CA — After a couple of weeks of being “too close to call,” it is now clear that Proposition 1, an overhaul of the Behavioral Health Services Act, will pass by a narrow margin.

It will put more emphasis on providing beds for those struggling with mental health challenges and homelessness but take away some control of local counties on how to spend behavioral health dollars.

The Secretary of State’s Office reports that 3.603,999 voters supported the measure and 3,575,162 were opposed.

Governor Gavin Newsom had hoped that the measure would pass overwhelmingly, and he acknowledged that the narrow victory was likely due to frustration in the state about the slow pace of addressing issues like homelessness to this point. At a press conference this morning, he stated, “I hear you loudly and clearly.”

Newsom added, “What I can say about Proposition 1 is that you will be proud. That’s exactly what this initiative brings, fundamental reforms, and requires for the first time in the state’s history that counties have one single plan.”

Proposition One was opposed by many rural counties, including the voters of Tuolumne and Calaveras counties. There are concerns that it will take much of the power that counties had to develop programs and replace it with new state-directed mandates. To read an earlier story about Tuolumne County concerns, click here.