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Chicken Ranch Casino Resort Hatches Arcade Partnership

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Jamestown, CA — The new Chicken Ranch Casino Resort is planning to open at some point later this summer, and a partnership has been announced with the company Cyber Quest to provide an arcade designed for younger guests.

Lloyd Mathiesen, Chairman of the Chicken Ranch Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians, says, “Cyber Quest has a wonderful reputation for its wholesome, family-focused arcade games and providing an incredible guest experience. We know this brand will be ideal for the resort and that families will enjoy all that it has to offer.”

The arcade will be located on the first level of the new resort and there will be a wide range of redemption, crane, and video games, along with a Prize Zone. In addition, Cyber Quest, which has been around for three decades, will host game tournaments, kids reward programs for good grades, special events, and daily promotions. Visitors will also be able to book space for birthday parties.

Troy Dunkley, CEO of Cyber Quest, adds, “We are excited by Cyber Quests’s inclusion in the Chicken Ranch’s all-new casino resort. Cyber Quest was created to provide families with an arcade option they could enjoy together, featuring non-violent game content and a high-quality redemption program.”