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‘Get Off My Property’ Gunfire Lands Calaveras Man In Jail

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Wilseyville, CA — The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested a man who was upset at an ATV rider who was on his property.

It happened in the 4000 block of Jewell Court in Wilseyvllie.

The rider told sheriff’s deputies that he was on what he believed to be a publicly accessible dirt road when he heard a shotgun blast fired in his direction. The rider hopped off the ATV, raised his hands up, and asked the man with the gun, later identified as 62-year-old Kirk Rubottom, not to shoot him. Rubottom allegedly started yelling at the rider, stating that he owns the land, and demanded that the rider leave. The rider complied and started to leave when he heard two more gunshot blasts.

Deputies later went and talked with Rubottom at his Wilseyville home, and he admitted shooting the gun above the head of the rider as he exited. Rubottom was arrested on felony charges related to assault with a deadly weapon.

The incident happened during the four o’clock hour in the afternoon.