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Senator Alvarado-Gil Introduces Legislation Addressing Wildfire Impacts

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Sacramento, CA– Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil (D-Jackson) has introduced Senate Bill 945 (The Wildfire Smoke and Health Outcomes Data Act) in response to the escalating challenges with the impacts of widespread wildfire smoke. The bill aims to enable state agencies to monitor air pollution, population exposure, and health outcomes related to wildfire smoke. This data will support future research efforts to comprehensively understand the detrimental effects of wildfire smoke on California’s environment and population, filling the current data gap.

Senator Alvarado-Gil emphasized, “Ensuring the well-being of our communities means understanding the true impact of wildfire smoke. Our bill aims to unveil the impacts on our population, emphasizing the urgent need to address forest health for a resilient and healthier California.”

Shannon Douglass, President of the California Farm Bureau, stressed the significance of the bill, stating, “Farming and ranching communities have been directly affected by wildfire smoke. It is imperative that policymakers understand the impact on health outcomes across the state‚Äôs population, from respiratory illnesses to pregnancy complications.”