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Amador County Tree Mortality Program Launches New Project

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Amador, CA–To address tree hazards impacting public safety, Amador County has initiated a new project targeting dead and dying trees west of Highway 49. A preliminary survey identified trees posing risks to roads, public travel, and private property. Right-of-entry forms were dispatched to 111 property owners where hazardous trees were identified.

Under the County’s tree mortality program, marked trees and associated debris will be removed at no cost to property owners, with reimbursement provided by the state. Despite the need for this initiative, the reported response to the right-of-entry forms has been low. Property owners are urged to promptly return the right of entry forms, granting County foresters access to assess and remove the identified trees.

Those who have received right of entry forms are encouraged to submit them promptly to facilitate project planning and implementation. Failure to return the signed forms may jeopardize tree removal, as future project funding is uncertain. The project is scheduled for implementation during the upcoming winter or spring, with property owners receiving notifications before any work begins to minimize inconveniences.

For inquiries about the Tree Mortality Program or the Right of Entry form, please contact Dr. Richard Harris, Tree Mortality Program Coordinator, at (707) 685-5508 or via email at