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One Suspect Arrested Following San Andreas Burglary

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Sonora, CA — A man who had been gone for several days returned home to find suspects driving away with his trailer and some tools.

The crime was reported in the 6000 block of Cedar Springs Road in Mountain Ranch. There were three suspects in the dark-colored SUV that was attached to his trailer and pulling away. The man attempted to block the vehicle from leaving the driveway but it was able to get around him.

The suspects initially escaped, and the man went looking for them in the surrounding area. Eventually, the vehicle was spotted down a one-way road. He announced that he had notified the sheriff’s office about the situation, and a suspect released the trailer from the vehicle, and drove away.

Sheriff’s deputies later collected information and carried out an investigation that led them to identify 34-year-old Robert Patrick Jarrell of San Andreas as one of the suspects. Deputies went to arrest him at a home in the 1000 block of Highway 49, but he was not there. He allegedly ran out the back door when they arrived and was soon located in the nearby area of Magers Way. Jarrell was arrested on burglary-related charges. An investigation is ongoing.


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