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Sheriff’s Office Completes Project Lifesaver Training

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Calaveras, CA– Deputies and members of the Calaveras County Volunteer Search and Rescue Team underwent training conducted by Project Lifesaver International. This included mastering the use of specialized equipment, effective communication strategies with wander-prone individuals, and ensuring caregivers’ familiarity with the program. Now, qualified deputies are equipped with the ability to locate clients wearing a special bracelet emitting a specific frequency, which can be tracked using specialized equipment.

Project Lifesaver, founded in 1999 in Chesapeake, Virginia, emerged to address the pressing need for a system to protect and swiftly locate people with cognitive conditions, given their propensity to wander. Evolving from a local initiative to a globally recognized method, the program integrates advanced locating technology, innovative search and rescue techniques, and community policing courses to educate first responders about cognitive conditions. This approach has significantly reduced search times for certified Project Lifesaver agencies.

Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) played a role by contributing to the purchase of the initial equipment required for this program. The Friends of the Calaveras Sheriff’s Office (FOCSO) also supported by covering the remaining balance.

To obtain more information about the program or to inquire about enrolling a loved one, please contact Sgt. Chad Poortinga at 209-754-6500 or visit the Project Lifesaver website at