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Parvovirus Outbreak Raises Concerns

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Sonora, CA– Tuolumne County Animal Control has noted a surge in positive parvovirus cases, affecting dogs from various households. Some of these canines were tested before entering facilities, indicating exposure within the community. All afflicted dogs had to be humanely euthanized due to the severity of their conditions.

Parvovirus, a preventable disease, can be halted with vaccinations that are readily available at most walk-in feed stores. Notably resilient in the environment, parvovirus can persist in soil for several years. To effectively eliminate the virus, only labeled cleaners such as veterinary-grade solutions or bleach prove effective. These disinfectants require a 15-minute contact time to properly sanitize surfaces.

Pet owners are urged to exercise caution by refraining from walking their pets in unknown areas until fully vaccinated. A single vaccine is insufficient, and adherence to proper vaccine booster protocols is essential. Animal Control suggests that If your pet has not been vaccinated against parvovirus, it is strongly advised to prioritize vaccination.