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Local Casino Slot Machine Pays Out Record-Breaking Jackpot

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Jamestown, CA – Imagine hearing the bells and whistles going off on the slot machine you are playing, and then hearing your win is a house record.

That is exactly what happened to a woman named Lavina on Wednesday, October 25th, around 10:40 p.m. at the Chicken Ranch Casino off Highway 108 in Jamestown. While Lavina did not want to give her full name or have her photo taken, according to casino officials, she was lucky enough to win a record-breaking $439,972.

Lavina placed a $2.50 bet using a WAP machine called “Hot Stuff.” This type of “gaming machine is linked across multiple casino properties; a jackpot increases progressively with every wager across all machines until a player wins the top award,” according to casino officials.

This win is almost double the previous Chicken Ranch record of $278,744, which was won last year on March 18th. Since the beginning of the year, gamers have won well over $33 million in jackpots.


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