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Law Enforcement In California On Alert Due To ‘Day Of Rage’ Concerns

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San Francisco, CA — Many US law enforcement agencies, including across California, are on high alert today after a call for a global “Day of Rage” by a former Hamas leader to support terrorist attacks on Israel.

Officials stress that there have been no credible threats to public safety at this time, but police departments in larger municipalities will be ramping up enforcement around Jewish places of worship and schools. Police Departments from Los Angeles, to San Francisco, to Fresno, have put out statements that they will be increasing patrols in those areas, and encouraging anyone who sees something suspicious to call law enforcement. Similar statements have been made by agencies like the New York Police Department.

Hamas attacks on Israel have killed over 1,300 people over the past week. Khaled Mashal, a former Hamas leader, has called for a “global day of jihad” (today) sparking the public safety concerns, nationwide.

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