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GOP Assembly Leader Lobbies For Early Switch To Winter Blend

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Sacramento, CA — November 1st is typically when California gas stations are permitted to sell a less expensive winter blend of gasoline.

Winter blend allows the use of butane, which makes it less expensive to produce than the more environmentally friendly summer blend, used during the hotter months.

Last year, in response to spiking gas prices, Governor Gavin Newsom took action to allow the switch to winter blend one month earlier, on October 1st.

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher is urging Newsom to repeat the action this year.

He argues, “California drivers are needlessly suffering with the highest gas prices in the nation – they need relief and they need it now. Gavin Newsom should be pulling out all the stops to bring costs down and make Californians’ daily lives more affordable.”

The governor has not indicated, yet, whether he will take the same action this year.

Gallagher says last year’s directive resulted in gas prices dropping $1.25 per gallon within a 48-hour period.

The gas price section shows that regular unleaded is selling between $5.17 and $6.29 per gallon in Tuolumne County and $5.18 and $5.99 in Calaveras County.