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Dog That Mauled Jamestown Man Caught

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Jamestown, CA – A dog that badly mauled a Jamestown man and managed to run away after being shot twice has been captured by Tuolumne Animal Control officers.

The incident happened Thursday around 4:44 a.m. in the area of Golden Dove Lane. As first reported by Clarke Broadcasting, when the deputy arrived, they found a man covered in blood and yelling for help while holding off the dog by its collar. The dog also became aggressive with the deputies, who were forced to shoot the canine twice, and it ran away. Supervising Tuolumne Animal Control Officer Shawn Shimmer updates that the next day, a caller reported seeing the injured dog still in the area and followed it. When animal control officers arrived, they were able to capture it.

“Animal Control staff immediately took the dog to a veterinarian for an assessment of its injuries, in which it was humanely euthanized due to the severity of its injuries,” shared Shimmer.

The dog is being tested for rabies, with Shimmer adding, “The testing process was initiated after the dog in question was euthanized due to its injuries. Unfortunately, there is no viable way to test a live animal specimen for rabies, as brain matter must be obtained in order to accurately test an animal for the rabies virus.”

While Shimmer says she cannot disclose the owner’s name, regarding why the dog attacked, she stated, “We are unsure of the motivation behind the attack.”

Another detail not released by authorities in our original reporting was the breed of the dog. Shimmer now identifies the canine this way: “We do not know the exact breed of the dog in question, but it resembles a Pit Bull/Australian Shepherd mix that is white with tan spots or patches; the dog was medium in size.”

The man suffered severe injuries and was taken to a Modesto hospital for treatment. There is no update on his condition.