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Newsom Signs Gun Bills Opposed By Local Lawmakers

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Sacramento, CA — New prohibitions on where guns can be carried, and higher taxes on gun and ammunition sales, are among new laws signed by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Assembly Bill 28 puts a new 11% tax on the sale of guns and ammunition in the state. It is in addition to the 10-11 percent federal tax on firearms, depending on the type of gun. The Governor’s Office estimates that it will bring in $160 million annually that will go to school safety and gun violence prevention programs in the state. The existing federal tax on guns goes to hunter-education and wildlife conservation efforts.

In addition, Senate Bill 2 will prohibit guns from being carried in over two dozen types of public and private spaces, where large amounts of people gather, including public parks, playgrounds, demonstrations, amusement parks, banks, and churches. There is a caveat, though, that owners of private property may place a sign up stating that guns are allowed.

Newsom argues, “California will keep fighting because gun safety laws work. The data proves they save lives.”

The gun bills were opposed by the Mother Lode’s elected lawmakers, Democratic Senator Marie Alvarado Gil, Republican Assemblyman Jim Patterson, and Republican Assemblyman Heath Flora.


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