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Caltrans Working To Solve Flat Tires Mystery

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Sonora, CA — In recent days mounting incidences of flat tires occurring along a highway stretch between Jamestown and Sonora have rumors circulating as to the cause.

Clarke Broadcasting reached out to Wright’s Tire of Sonora, which confirmed at least three customers who reported getting a flat soon after traveling along the Highway 49/108.

Since that area is currently part of a highway repaving project, we queried Caltrans District 10 spokesperson Rick Estrada, who began making internal inquiries to see if any materials being used involved metal pieces.

He checked and reconfirmed again this afternoon that there are no staples or other sharp objects being used by the contractor along the highway that could contribute to creating flat tires. The reflectors, called “floppies,” are made of plastic and have an adhesive backing that makes them stick to the pavement.

Estrada added however that in the interest of ensuring a safe roadway, Caltrans crews will be checking the area this evening to see and clear away whatever might be there that could be causing tires to puncture. He also promised to report back any findings.