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Banning Books Will Not Be Allowed In California Schools

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Sacramento, CA — Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a new law in response to some school boards looking at banning certain books or censoring state textbooks.

Newsom says Assembly Bill 1078 outlaws “book bans.”

It comes after Governor Newsom and the Temecula Valley Unified School Board in Southern California had a public dispute about implementing social studies textbooks that include new LGTBQ content. Other schools have been considering similar actions. Newsom has also criticized the State of Florida, and the administration of Governor Ron DeSantis, for its willingness to remove certain controversial books from school libraries.

After signing the bill, Newsom argued, “From Temecula to Tallahassee, fringe ideologues across the country are attempting to whitewash history and ban books from schools. With this new law, we’re cementing California’s role as the true freedom state: a place where families — not political fanatics — have the freedom to decide what’s right for them.”

California Superintendent of Public Education, Tony Thurmond, praised the move, adding, “This law will serve as a model for the nation that California recognizes and understands the moment we are in.”

The bill was opposed by most Republicans in the legislature. In the Assembly, Mother Lode Republicans Heath Flora and Jim Patterson were opposed, and in the Senate, Democrat Marie Alvarado Gil joined Republicans in voting no.

California is the second state to pass a “ban on book bans,” following Illinois.