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McClintock Questions Garland About Hunter Biden Investigation

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Washington, DC – United States Attorney General Merrick Garland is answering questions at a House Judiciary Committee meeting today, of which Mother Lode Republican Tom McClintock is a member.

McClintock used his five minutes to mostly ask pointed questions about the handling of the Hunter Biden investigation.

McClintock voiced concerns about allegedly giving the President’s son special treatment. Related to a tax evasion investigation, he says the Justice Department allowed the statutes of limitations to lapse, prohibited investigators from referring to “the big guy” or “dad” during witness interviews, excluded the investigative team from meetings with defense counsel, and notified the defense counsel ahead of pending search warrants.

Garland deferred most questions on the Hunter Biden investigation, noting that is being overseen by Special Counsel David Weiss.

McClintock responded, “Do these charges trouble you at all?”

Garland said, “Mr. Weiss will have an opportunity to explain the decisions.”

To which McClintock interrupted, “Well, you are the guy in charge. Does this trouble you?”

Garland then said, “I have intentionally not involved myself with the facts in the case, not because I am trying to get out responsibility, but because I am trying to pursue my responsibility.”

Garland’s Office is overseeing two investigations into former President Donald Trump, and one involving Hunter Biden. When opening up the hearing, Committee Chairman Jim Jordan argued that Garland’s office is favoring the Biden family and targeting Trump.

Garland has disputed claims of political interference in the investigations.