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Sonora Passes Resolution Opposing ‘Taxpayer Protection Initiative’

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Sonora, CA — The Sonora City Council voted to approve a resolution Monday opposing a 2024 statewide ballot initiative that is trying to make it harder to pass local tax measures.

The Taxpayer Protection Initiative, supported by the California Business Roundtable, would push the threshold for local special tax increases up to 2/3, and it would even impact tax measures passed dating back to January 1, 2022. That would make Measure Y, a one-cent sales tax increase approved by city voters in November of last year, void. Measure Y had a simple majority of 58% in support and it is anticipated to bring in an estimated $4 million annually. The council indicated that the money is needed to keep services like the fire and police departments funded and operational.

Meanwhile, proponents of the Taxpayer Protection Initiative indicated it is designed to combat legislative efforts to potentially weaken Proposition 13, related to property taxes.

The council vote last night was 4-0 to oppose the Taxpayer Protection Initiative, with one abstention. Council member Suzanne Cruz chose to stay neutral. She called the measure a “double-edged sword.”

A representative from the League of California Cities was on hand at last night’s meeting to provide a presentation on the initiative. He indicated that it is currently trailing in early public polling.