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Jamestown Fentanyl Dealer Sentenced To Six Years In Prison

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Jamestown, CA — A man who was caught with fentanyl for sale twice has been sentenced to over six years in state prison.

Joshua Caudill was first pulled over by a Sonora Police Department Sergeant on May 12  and was in possession of 73 grams of fentanyl that he planned to sell. He also had a loaded firearm, which he was prohibited from possessing, being a felon. Caudill was released after posting bail.

Then on July 21 he was pulled over for another traffic violation and had over six and a half ounces of fentanyl for the purpose of sale and a baseball bat that could be used as a weapon, commonly referred to as a billy.

The District Attorney’s Office reports, “Mr. Caudill has four prior felony convictions for transportation of a controlled substance for sale amongst his prior felony convictions.  However, under current California law, the only crime which makes Mr. Caudill’s sentence subject to a state prison commitment is the felon in possession of a firearm conviction.”

Caudill was convicted and sentenced to six years and four months in state prison.