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Yosemite Has A Request About Half Dome

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Yosemite, CA – Yosemite National Park is raising awareness about an issue they are facing related to Half Dome.

Gloves are a beneficial accessory for those climbing the very popular Half Dome Cables, and people often leave them at the bottom thinking that others may want them.

However, the park says it is creating problems. In a statement, the National Park Service explains, “While some leave theirs behind, thinking they’re helping other visitors, the mountain of gloves either rot, due to exposure to the elements, or get blown off of Subdome, becoming trash in the wilderness.”

If you are planning to hike Half Dome, things to bring include a permit (300 issued per day), plenty of water, and grippy footwear. Gloves are also beneficial, but just make sure you take them home.

The National Park Service is also praising a recent visitor, AJ Haeffner, who decided to pack out a full backpack of gloves he found at Half Dome and hiked them down to Yosemite Valley. Adding, “We commend AJ not only for climbing Half Dome, but for recreating with a stewardship mindset that we hope to foster in all of our visitors.”