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Jamestown Shooting Incident Under Investigation

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Jamestown, CA– Tuolumne County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating a shooting that transpired shortly after midnight on August 15th. The incident occurred within the 13800 block of Tulloch Road in Jamestown, prompting law enforcement’s attention.

According to reports, a 56-year-old male was house-sitting at a friend’s residence when the incident unfolded. Preliminary statements provided by the individual indicated that he perceived the sound of a gunshot originating from the exterior of the premises. In response to this alarming noise, the man retrieved a rifle and ventured outside to assess the situation.

Upon stepping out, the man’s attention was drawn to a truck parked in the driveway. Concurrently, another gunshot was heard in the vicinity. Responding to what he believed to be a potential threat, the man took action by discharging multiple rounds from his firearm. The sequence of events culminated with the man, who had positioned himself near the truck, sustaining injuries of a non-life-threatening nature.

After the incident, the injured individual was promptly transported to a medical facility for treatment. Following a brief period under medical care, he was subsequently released. Based on initial findings, detectives have established their belief that this shooting represents an isolated occurrence and is indicative of a case of mistaken identity.

Further investigation into the matter revealed that the individual who had been present in the driveway and initially discharged a shot was, in fact, a concerned neighbor. Law enforcement officials have confirmed that no arrests have been made in connection to this incident with the investigation ongoing.